Let’s remember the very first day of “Mental Health Have Matter” Youth Exchange took place in Adana, Türkiye between 3-9 October, 2023

🚀We started the day with ” Face2Facebook ” knowing each other game to learn participants names, jobs, interests, etc.
📝 After that, we played an energizer “Do What I Say, Not What I Do” for making a better group energy.

Than participants, share their expectations, fears and contrubutions for the project.

☮After lunch, participants understand importance of Erasmus+ program and learn 8 key competencies with a “Silent Group Puzzle” activity.

After that participants learn difference between in-formal, non-formal and formal education. Than partipants took their envelopes for putting their awareness, skills.

👯‍♂️ Then participants ıntroduced of their sending organizations and the steps they have taken in mental health

Than participants evaluate the day with “Weather Condition” Activity

☄Stay tuned for other days!

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